Pre-Sale Questions

Do I have to provide a logo/design to order?

No. You don’t have to. You can order any of our product blank without any imprint

Why some of the products only have wholesale price?

Some of our products are having MOQ (Minimal Order Quantity). In order to qualify for wholesales pricing, you would need to order above the MOQ.

Where will the order ship from? And how long it will take to arrive?

Your order is shipped from China, where our factory is. Due to the pandemic, the world logistic capacity is severely impacted, Thus the shipping time and cost is greatly increased compare to pre-pandemic time. If you choose free shipping, we will ship your order by either ocean freight, or air cargo, depending on availability. The shipping time is about 2-4 weeks. For some country, the shipping time can even take up to 1-2 month.

Does the price on your site include duties and taxes?

No. You will be responsible for any duties and taxes at port of entry. The only exception is for EU countries with order total of  €150 or less, in which case a VAT will be collected at checkout page. 

I live in one of the EU countries, will you provide a VAT invoice if VAT is paid at your site?

No. According to the latest EU Tax rule. No VAT invoice is needed for order under 150 Euro. However, a VAT registration number will be provided to you so that you can declare the VAT paid with your locale tax authority. 

I see you only have price in U.S dollar, do you accept other currency?

No. We do not accept any other currency.

However, most credit card issuing bank will convert foreign online purchase to their local currency automatically. 

If you are using wire transfer or any other payment method, please make sure you sending the payment in U.S dollar.

Can you provide a free sample?

Yes. Please contact our sales to place a sample order. We will charge you the cost of the the sample plus shipping cost, The money paid will be deducted from the bulk order.

I am ordering a large quantity, can you provide a better price?

Yes. Please contact our sales team for quantity discount.

The product I want is not in your catelog, can you source it for me?

If the product you want is not on our catalog, or you want to make a unique product, please contact our sales. With large number of suppliers in China, we might just be able to make exactly what you are looking for.

After-Sale Questions

I have placed my order. How long it will take till the order ship out?

The shipping time is depending on serial factors. Normally, if your order just contain products with simple customization such as screen printing, and we have the blank product in stock (we keep most popular products such as t-shirts in stock). It will take about a week For customization. However, if your design requires more complex customization, such as embroidery or engraving, or the product is none-stock item, we need need some extra time for customization.  In that case, we sales will contact you in advance to notify you the estimate production time of your order.

I have placed a order, it's not ship out yet, can I cancel it?

Please take a look at the order status. If the order status is “in process”, then yes, you can cancel at any time. If the order status is “in production” or “shipped”, then no, we can not cancel it as the product you ordered is in the customization production already..

I received the order, the size/color is not exactly like what I see on your website. Can I return it?

Colors are vary on different screen. We will try our best to match the color with the design file you provided. However, we can not guarantee the exact match of colors or sizes.

What your return policy?

Due to the nature of our product, our return policy is very simple:

If it’s our fault, there is no return needed. We will either issue you a full refund or re-run the order for you. Otherwise, we will not able to accept any return or refund once the product finish the customization.

What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee?
We guarantee the product that we customized for you is free of error or defect. Otherwise we will re-run the order or issue you a full refund.